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If you love cooking and are a fan of Indian food, you may have stumbled across a great movie called Kitchen, a unique and heartwarming story of an Indian family’s love for their home and each other. But if you’re looking to watch this movie on your computer or mobile device, you may need help finding it. Here are some places to watch this film.

Amazon Prime Video

If you are a fan of Malayalam films, you probably have heard of The Great Indian Kitchen. This is a movie that has received a lot of buzz since its release. It tells the story of a newlywed couple thrown into a maze of customs and traditions. They must learn to adapt to their husband’s families.

The film has received universal acclaim. It won several awards. One of them is the best screenplay award for Baby. T Suresh Babu plays the father-in-law. Nimisha Sajayan plays the newlywed wife.

In addition to those mentioned above, the film also won the Best Sound Designer award for Tony Babu. As you might have guessed, this is a feat not often associated with a Malayalam movie.

While the Great Indian Kitchen did not receive the same recognition from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video did. Despite their rejection above, they decided to purchase the film.

The Great Indian Kitchen is not available on Binge or Display Plus. Instead, it is available on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Videos and Limelight Media. However, it is not available on Apple TV+.

Other OTT streaming services will let you watch the film for free. Most of these services have pay-per-view options. For instance, you can buy Ted Lasso for $4.99 per month. BookMyShow offers pay-per-view and rent-buy options. Streaming services tend to favor regional content.

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Apple TV Plus

The Great Indian Kitchen is not currently available for Apple TV Plus. This is surprising, given that it’s received positive reviews from multiple viewers. And the movie has received an 8.4 score on IMDb.

Although the Great Indian Kitchen isn’t on Apple TV, it’s still worth a look. It’s an Indian film in Malayalam about a woman trying to be submissive. She’s not getting any help, though.

While it’s not on Amazon Prime Video or Binge, you can watch it on Paramount Plus, which offers a basic version for $4.99 monthly. Or, if you want more features, you can opt for the ad-free premium plan for $9.99 a month.

Another great show on Apple TV+ is “Lisey’s Story.” It’s based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. Featuring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, the story follows widow Lisey Landon as she confronts her memories of her late husband, Scott.

Other movies and shows on Apple TV Plus include “Letter to You,” featuring Bruce Springsteen. Also, there’s the Beastie Boys Story documentary, which will have a theatrical release in the future. Similarly, “Causeway,” a film about a soldier returning home from New Orleans, will also be on Apple TV+.

There’s also a new animated series called Get Rolling With Otis. This show features a family trying to help their needy friends. During their adventures, they get a foster dog named Otis.


The Great Indian Kitchen is a Malayalam film about a newlywed woman trying to conform to societal norms. Although the film won’t come close to capturing the box office, it has attracted a plethora of critical acclaim.

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In particular, The Great Indian Kitchen has received universal praise for its thought-provoking narrative and the game’s witty representation of gender norms within Indian households. The movie also boasts an impressive list of achievements, including the Best Screenplay award, for which Tony Babu also received the Best Sound Designer award.

While it may be a bit late for this particular cinematic endeavor, it is also worth noting that The Great Indian Kitchen’s predecessor, the Malayalam film Pandemic, has closed its doors for good in recent months. While the pandemic has yet to find a permanent home, OTT services such as audio, Saina Play, and Limelight Media have all opted to show the film to their audiences.

Interestingly, The Great Indian Kitchen is merely one of many Malayalam films currently available on these OTT streaming services. However, if you want to watch the best of the best, there’s no need to slog through the long hours of the night or settle for the lesser films. OTT platforms are a great place to discover new content.


The Great Indian Kitchen is a Malayalam social drama based on the struggles of a housewife. It revolves around a newly married woman who tries to fit in as a submissive wife. Nevertheless, she finds it hard to deal with the customs of her husband’s family.

The film received a positive response from the audience. It was praised because of the film’s sensitive representation of gender issues in Indian households.

After its release, The Great Indian Kitchen created a lot of buzz on social media. However, it could have been better received by most major OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is because the themes of the movie were controversial.

On the other hand, audio is a new OTT platform specializing in regional movie content in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. They offer free range and paid content on a Pay-Per-View basis.

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Founded by Sriram Manoharan, the platform aims to achieve success in the OTT industry in India. Currently, it offers over 100 movies in four languages.

Although the company offers its library of free films, the paid content is priced between Rs.5 and Rs.50 per movie. They are targeting consumers in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Their strategy is to expand their reach by studying pay-per-view revenue models.

According to a study by GudSho, nearly half of their content is old regional language classics that still attract repeat viewers. The company plans to invest Rs 50 crore in acquiring new titles.

Limelight Media, Roots, and Cave

The Great Indian Kitchen is a well-rounded and entertaining film based on the latest in a long line of Malayalam fables. A plethora of award-winning actors, including the Sajayan above, and a plot of eponymous kin, accompanied by the best of the best supporting cast. Quite the show. On and off the screen, a kajillions of dollars in prize money on the line and some well-wishers a-la-minute. This is the highbrow’s harbinger, albeit an unwitting one, on and off the screen. Fortunately, the aristocrats above are on hand to keep the booze coming luxuriously, snagging a few lucky nods in the process.

New stream

The Great Indian Kitchen is a Malayalam movie that tells the story of a newlywed woman who attempts to be a submissive wife. This is a story about a lot more than marriage, though. It also points out the difficulties women face today, even regarding religious practices.

One of the best Malayalam films of the year, The Great Indian Kitchen, has received universal acclaim. It also won several awards, including the prize for the best screenplay. Besides winning the Best Film award at the Kerala State Film Awards, it also won the Best Sound Designer award for Tony Babu. Despite the accolades, The Great Indian Kitchen isn’t the first Malayalam film to take on patriarchy, though it is the first to do it well.

If you want to see this movie, you can check it out on Neestream. Not only is it available for streaming, but it also has a library of old and new movies.

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On January 15, NeeStream will present a Malayalam family entertainer called The Great Indian Kitchen. The Great Indian Kitchen is a social drama that explores gender norms in Indian households. In addition to highlighting the drudgery of housework, the movie also examines the emotional labor that a wife does.

The Great Indian Kitchen is a great film to watch if you want to see something that is not overly cliche. Though repetitive, the movie offers a unique look at a complicated topic for many of us.

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