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The Great Indian Kitchen is a new Malayalam film starring Priyanka Chopra. It is a movie you must check out if you are interested in the food culture of India. You can get it on your favorite OTT platforms, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Malayalam film

The Great Indian Kitchen is a Malayalam film that deals with a newly married woman’s struggles to be submissive. It explores the drudgery of housework and the invisible labor of women.

Based on a story by Joe Baby, the film has received rave reviews from both women and men. It is a unique film that raises important questions about gender equality in homes.

Written by Baby, it won the Best Screenplay award at the Kerala State Film Awards. Director Baby worked on the script for three years. This film explores the ingrained bias against women in traditional Indian households.

The film was released in January 2021. It has gained popularity through social media. Although it is a small-budget film, it has already been called a breakout film of the year.

Unlike most Malayalam films, this one is not overtly domestic violence-themed. Instead, it illustrates terrifying realities without being overly casual.

A lot of women have been talking about the movie on social media. The film also has a happy ending. However, it is a film that explores a wide range of issues. Among these are the politics of women’s entry to the Sabarimala temple.

The film’s protagonist is a dancer in an arranged marriage. Her husband, played by Suraj, has no idea of her feelings. Eventually, she becomes independent.

While the film doesn’t depict overt domestic violence, it highlights insidious sexism within homes. In particular, it is about the misogyny of religious traditions and religion.

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There are several scenes in the movie where the wife’s emotional labor and physical labor are examined. She is forced to do chores all day and is not consulted when there is a leak in the pipe.

Release date

The Great Indian Kitchen, the remake of the hit Malayalam movie, is set to release in India by December 2022. It’s a family drama film with Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead role.

The film revolves around the lives of a newly married couple. As she is forced to live at home, she struggles to adapt to her husband’s family’s traditions. In addition, she finds that her house is full of differences of opinion. She also has to learn to be submissive to her husband.

Despite this, she manages to keep a grip on her emotions. However, her husband is not so lenient. He forces her to cook and wash clothes by hand. Besides, he spends all day sleeping.

The Great Indian Kitchen is a thought-provoking movie. It is a powerful exploration of the issues facing women in traditional Indian households.

The film has received critical acclaim for its sensitive portrayal of gender issues. It also received the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film.

The film was filmed over a 27-day schedule in 2020. Joe Baby wrote its script. And its music was composed by Jerry Silvester Vincent.

The Great Indian Kitchen also features Suraj Venjaramoodu. It was released on Neestream, an online video platform for Malayalam movies, on January 15, 2017.

The movie has been distributed to TV channels as well. This includes Zee5, which secured the digital rights for the film. The movie will be available on this platform when the official release date is announced.

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As of now, the film has been screened by about 60% of users. Several users shared the news of the movie’s release on social media.

OTT platforms

The Great Indian Kitchen is a Tamil family drama film. It is an official remake of the Malayalam superhit movie. Aishwarya Rajesh plays the lead role. She is constantly cast in movies with a strong female focus.

R Kannan directed the Great Indian Kitchen. The film focuses on a newlywed woman who struggles with the customs and traditions of her husband’s family. It was praised for its sensitive depiction of gender issues in Indian households.

The Great Indian Kitchen was a significant success amongst both the critics and the viewers. It earned universal critical acclaim and the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film.

Its release on OTT platforms such as Neestream, Saina Play, and Aha Video has received much attention. However, some mainstream OTT services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have rejected it. The film will likely be available on more platforms in the future.

Aside from The Great Indian Kitchen, other films are slated for a direct OTT release. These include Prithviraj’s Cold Case, Dulquer Salmaan’s Kurup, and Priyadarshan’s Kunjali Marakkar.

OTT is a trend sweeping the world. While it might be difficult for small companies to enter the market, the more prominent players are working on improving the streaming quality and compatibility of the service.

As more and more movies are being produced, audiences can enjoy them in several ways. Using an OTT service allows users to choose a language and watch a film in a convenient timeframe. Alternatively, users can rent a movie using Apple iTunes or watch a film on their smart TV. Pay-per-view options are also available on many platforms.

IMDb rating

The Great Indian Kitchen is an award-winning Malayalam movie about a woman who tries to be submissive but ends up over her head. It is written and directed by Joe Baby and stars Suraj Venjaramoodu. IMDb has awarded the movie with 8 out of 10 ratings. Although the film is undoubtedly a winner in its own right, there is much to be said about its shortcomings.

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Among other things, The Great Indian Kitchen is about a woman who attempts to fit in with her family but ends up trying to run her kitchen. As a result, the film is not for the faint of heart. There are also numerous negatives to this movie. Namely, the protagonist’s in-laws are wrong, the plot is a bit predictable, and the storyline is dull.

One of the best parts about this movie is that it was made on a shoestring budget. Only a few films are made like this nowadays. The film’s main star is Nimisha Sajayan, who plays the role of a young woman forced to do her business as an unskilled housekeeper.

In addition to its well-executed plot, the movie makes a solid case for having your household—no wonder it is a big hit at the box office. Many state governments have declared it tax-free.

The Great Indian Kitchen was released on NeeStream, one of the many popular Malayalam OTT services. A few mainstream OTT platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, refused to host it.


If you are wondering how to watch The Great Indian Kitchen, you will be happy to know that you can now do so. This film has received universal critical acclaim and is now streaming online. Several platforms offer pay-per-view options.

A few months after its release, the film was given several awards. It won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film and Sound Designer. Additionally, it won the award for Best Screenplay. In addition, it was awarded the Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) UA certificate.

The Great Indian Kitchen tells the story of a woman struggling to get her life back on track after marriage. She is trying to become submissive to her husband while adjusting to her new life with him. Her struggle with this challenge reveals how religion and culture define the roles of men and women in the Indian household.

After its release, the movie quickly became a topic of debate on social media. Most users shared their thoughts on the film.

The film also touched upon the stigma attached to menstruation and the Sabarimala issue. However, more than this controversy was needed to entice major OTT platforms to buy the film to stream online. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video must find a theme suitable for their platform.

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The Great Indian Kitchen has not yet been released in theatres in India, but it is likely to be available on more platforms. Currently, it is not on Apple TV+ or the recently launched Peacock. But other services like BookMyShow, Cinemapreneur, GudSho, and Aha Video will provide access to the film.

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