How to Set Up the Kitchen in an Indian Restaurant

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If you plan to set up an Indian restaurant, you must understand how to set up the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and it has to be designed to accommodate many people. This includes the correct type of equipment and furniture.


If you want to open an Indian restaurant in your town, you must do many things. The first thing you need is a good marketing plan. You can also get a lot of help from a professional.

It would help if you also found an excellent catering utensil supplier. A good utensil supplier will supply you with all the items you need. This includes all the cutlery and glassware.

One of the essential items in an Indian kitchen is a kadhai. It is a large, round-bottomed pot that is ideal for deep frying. Traditionally, a kadhai is made from cast iron. However, non-stick versions are also available.

Another necessary tool is a Sahara. A Shaara is a perforated metal spoon. This helps the oil drain from the food as you remove it. In addition, it lets you turn the food to ensure that it cooks evenly.

A box grater is also an excellent item to have in your kitchen. These have several small holes that can be used for grated vegetables. Also, it would help if you had a thermometer in your kitchen.

Another tool you will need in your kitchen is a chef’s knife. While Indians are not known for their chef’s knives, this is essential for many dishes.


An Indian restaurant is a big operation that requires a lot of employees. If you want to start one, there are a few steps you need to take.

First, you must decide if you want to start a sole proprietorship or a limited partnership. The latter is a more secure way to go.

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Next, you need to decide how to set up the kitchen. You can do it in a small kitchen, but you can also do it in a large kitchen. The best way to set up an Indian kitchen is to follow a few rules.

It would help if you had a proper inventory. It is not a good idea to leave expired food lying around. Also, make sure to have enough cutlery. A good rule of thumb is to have enough for every half-hour business.

Other items you should have in your kitchen are a thermometer, a good chef’s knife, a box grater, and a suitable saucepan. There are several other kitchen tools you can use as well. Fortunately, most Indian dishes don’t require any special cooking equipment.

Finally, you will need to do a bit of marketing. This is a nifty way to get customers to come to your restaurant.

lassi glass

Lassi is a refreshing drink made from yogurt. It can be mixed with water, salt, or sugar. In India, this beverage is served in a tall glass.

There are several versions of lassi, some of which are served in street stalls. You can make a lassi in your kitchen. These lassis are usually sweet and salty. They are also great for cooling you down in hot weather. The best lassis are made with Alphonso mangoes. Other ingredients that are used include mint leaves, honey, and sugar.

A good lassi can be a treat or an excellent side dish to a hot meal. The best lassi will be creamy and thick. You can mix the ingredients with an immersion blender or a wire whisk. You can add a touch of cardamom to add a hint of flavor.

This drink is a hot weather staple in India. Traditionally, it is served in a clay cup called a Kuchar. Some restaurants will do it in a glass as well.

It’s no surprise that lassi is a big deal in the Indian food industry. It is often served in restaurants, cafes, and street stalls.

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The best way to set up an Indian restaurant is to find the right partners. While money is only sometimes the most critical factor, it can help when starting a new business. However, if you put little effort into your partner selection, you may end up with a lousy company that never makes any money.

Investing in the right kind of utensils is a must. For example, buy a jhaara – a perforated metal spoon that allows you to scoop and turn a garbanzo bean flour batter into the hot oil.

This item is handy when it comes to frying. A tadka pan is a small, shallow pot that can be fried in a fraction of the oil of a traditional fryer. With a Shaara, you can scoop up a bhature (fried snack) and puff it up with the utmost ease.

A well-designed Indian kitchen may even make your life easier. It also helps your business stand out from the crowd. In addition, it can make you and your employees happy.

Lastly, the essential part of any good kitchen is the staff. To set up a new restaurant, you must invest in top-notch professionals. This will ensure the food you serve is delicious and will not leave your customers with any regrets.


The Skimmer is an essential utensil in the kitchen of an Indian restaurant. It is used to skim off food ingredients and excess fluids from boiling water and frying oil. A skimmer is a very simple round utensil with perforated holes.

There are various types of skimmers. Some classes are small and great for removing particles from stews, soups, and other liquid foods. In India, the Skimmer is known as Khara. Different types include the wire spider skimmer, which has a long handle, and the mesh strainer with a metal handle, which is excellent for frying. These are strong enough to withstand high oil temperatures and gentle sufficient to scoop delicate foods.

While some types of skimmers are more common than others, they are all designed to help you remove boiled dumplings, fried vegetables, and other items from pots. If you want to get the most out of your Skimmer, try buying one with a middle basket. This will keep your broth from becoming cloudy, and the fine mesh wire will allow you to drain off the excess fats and debris in the pot.

You can also purchase a skimmer made from bamboo, which will help you avoid putting hot steam on the handle. Bamboo is a water-tough wood, so it won’t warp or rust.

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There are many things to consider when setting up the kitchen in an Indian restaurant. First, you will want to ensure that you have the right tools. This will help you prepare the foods that your customers enjoy. Another thing to remember is to ensure you have the proper cutlery. If you have a good supplier, they can provide you with the right pieces.

One of the more common items in an Indian restaurant kitchen is a chakra. It is a wooden rolling board to help you roll out your dough. Chakras are often sold with a belan, a thinner wooden rolling pin. These are great for helping you get an even roll and are very easy to clean.

You will want to look into a roti maker, allowing you to roll out perfect rotis. They can be made of either wood or marble. A tadka pan is another valuable item, a pan you can use to fry spices in. Typically, a tadka pan only requires a little oil.

The key to any cuisine is preparation. Make sure you have all the essential tools to make your life easier.

tandoori oven

The tandoori oven is a traditional Indian oven. It is used to cook food such as tandoori chicken and tandoori lamb. Traditionally, the fire is fueled by wood or charcoal.

Using the tandoori oven involves skewering meats and vegetables and placing them vertically in the top opening of the tandoor. When the fire is hot, juices begin to drip down and onto the flames. This creates a beautiful aroma and gives the food its distinctive taste.

Modern tandoors are much safer than their predecessors. Some are electric, and some are gas-powered. They are designed to accommodate a wide range of dishes. A large number of restaurants use them. However, they are expensive and can be challenging to maintain.

Many do-it-yourself tutorials are available to set up a tandoori oven in your kitchen. These will provide you with an informative and creative guide.

One such video is a 3-minute tutorial from Whitbit’s Kitchen. With easy-to-follow instructions and photos, the video walks you through all the steps you need to get your tandoori oven up and running.

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Another helpful resource for learning to set up a tandoori is Wikihow. It has over 90000 academic articles and 500 expert co-authors. You can also check out a variety of illustrative figures and photographs.

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