How to Get Rid of Indian Spice Smell From Your Kitchen

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If you have issues with your kitchen smell, you are lucky. This article will cover several tips to help rid your kitchen of that smell. You’ll learn how to store food properly and clean your kitchen to help eliminate any odors from cooking.

Remove cooking utensils

The adage is true that cooking utensils should be treated as the last resort in the kitchen. This is because the bacteria that build up on the wooden surface can cause it to warp or crack. To prevent this from happening, the best way is to hand wash the items rather than throw them in the dishwasher. Once the utensils have been washed, dry them with a clean hand towel to keep them pristine.

While you are at it, try to remember the old kitchen sink. If you can get your hands on a sink big enough, consider soaking your utensils in a mild dishwashing solution for a couple of hours. Not only will this help preserve the wood, but it will also make your greasy dishes look shiny and new again.

A little effort will go a long way to ensure you are a happy cook. Besides preparing your food, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you are serving up an excellent meal to your family, friends, and guests. From scrubbing and sanding your chopping board to removing dried-on food, there are many things you can do to ensure that your meal is cooked to perfection. But one of the most important is removing any food you do not plan on eating immediately. Keeping your chopping board free from food-borne illnesses is also a good idea. With these tips in mind, you should be able to avoid any lingering smells and enjoy your dinner all the more. Nothing is worse than getting up from the kitchen to find that the feed you worked so hard for has spoiled.

Wipe down kitchen surfaces

Indian spice smell can be challenging to get rid of. It can linger in your kitchen, hall, and bedroom. The good news is that you can take several simple steps to rid your home of this smell.

First, you should make sure you clean all of your kitchen surfaces. It would help if you also used an odor-neutralizing spray to wipe down your countertop.

Another way to clean up the kitchen is to use hot soapy water. This will kill germs on your surfaces. While cleaning, you should also open windows to let fresh air circulate.

In addition, you should use an exhaust fan. This will push air out of your kitchen and help reduce the greasy cooking odor.

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Finally, you can apply lemon juice to your hands. This will get the curry odor off your hands. However, it would help if you wore gloves or avoided rubbing your hands against your apron.

A simple air deodorizing spray can also be used. Just make sure it is according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A carpet cleaner is a great way to remove the odor from your carpet. You can purchase one online or at a supermarket. Using a carpet cleaner will work deep into the fibers of your carpet and lift the odor.

If you don’t want to buy a fancy carpet deodorizer, you can use a few drops of baking soda. Mixing a bit of bicarbonate of soda in a ziplock bag can be a clever solution.

Aside from these, you can do several other things to help get rid of the curry odor. For example, you can leave the kitchen door open so your curry’s aroma can escape.

Use an odor-neutralizing solution.

You may have noticed a strange smell if you have cooked a curry. It can linger in your kitchen and even in your bedroom. There are ways to get rid of this odor.

One solution is to clean up your kitchen area with an odor-neutralizing solution. You can make one using equal parts water and vinegar. The odor-neutralizing solution can be used to wipe down countertops and floors.

An alternative is to use an air freshener. These products include plug-ins, sprays, and even air diffusers. They can be used on fabrics as well as on walls. However, they can be expensive in the long run.

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Another way to combat this odor is to close doors. This will prevent the scent from drifting out of the room and lingering in the living areas. Also, leave the windows open. This will help air-dry the house.

Another way to eliminate this odor is to sanitize your chopping boards. Chopping boards are a great source of odors as the juices from the meat and vegetables seep into the ridges of the wooden board.

Another great odor-neutralizing option is to use an air-purifying bag. Several companies manufacture odor-neutralizing bags that you can place in your kitchen.

A fourth option is to wash your hands. Washing your hands after you can help get rid of the odor. Moreover, washing contaminated clothes can also help. Be sure to rinse your hands thoroughly after you cook.

Another effective odor-neutralizing method is to spray the walls with an odor-neutralizing spray. The odor-neutralizing spray can be purchased from any cleaning supply store.

Store food correctly

If you’ve ever cooked a curry dish, you’ve probably noticed that the aroma lingers around your kitchen. While it’s not your fault if you live in a communal apartment, the odor can quickly transfer to your neighbor’s house. However, there are a few things you can do to help get rid of the stale smell.

The first thing you should do is turn on your stove hood vent. This will help push the smell out of the room. Next, open a kitchen window or leave the door open. A fan can help as well.

The best way to avoid the stale cooking smell is to keep your clothes cool and dry. Make sure to change into something more suitable after you get home. You want to avoid having your coat smelling of curry every time you walk in the door.

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In addition to fresh air, you can also use a white vinegar solution to kill off the oily molecules in curry. To make the most of this, put the key next to the stove or in a container with a perforated lid. After a couple of weeks, the vapors will start to dissipate.

The best way to eliminate the stale cooking smell is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you cannot do that, try to clean your kitchen and remove stains from your walls and countertops. Consider a more drastic measure for more effective cleaning.

Other methods include boiling citrus peels and using vanilla-soaked cotton swabs to mask the smells. Finally, an adage says you should never leave a light on.

Avoid strong kitchen smells.

The smell of curry is a powerful one and can be unpleasant. It can linger in the house, especially in bedrooms, study rooms, and halls. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of it.

First, try to make sure you cook in a well-ventilated kitchen. This will allow you to reduce the smell of curry in the air. Cooking in an unventilated space will only increase the odor. It would help if you also used an exhaust fan to eliminate the smell.

Another method for getting rid of the odor is to wash your dishes as soon as you are finished cooking. Then, you should rinse them as thoroughly as possible. If you do not do this, you will end up with a residue on the pan.

While cooking, make sure you are wearing an apron. This will help keep the odors from spreading to your clothes.

You can also use an air freshener. These are available in plug-ins, air-deodorizing sprays, and even scented candles. They will not eliminate the oily molecules of curry. But they will cover them up.

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In addition to a fan and air freshener, you can also put a bowl of vinegar on your counter. Vinegar is known to absorb odors. Also, leave your window open while you are cooking.

You can also place some lemon peels or half a lemon in boiling water. The juices from the meat and vegetables will seep into the ridges of the wooden chopping board and leave an odor.

If you cannot remove the smell from your kitchen, you can clean your entire house. You can buy air purifying bags or an air purifier for a more comprehensive solution.

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