How to Arrange a South Indian Kitchen

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When you want to decorate your south Indian kitchen, there are a lot of things that you have to consider. These include Plants, Wood carvings, Brass decor, Utensils, and Storage ideas. The key to decorating your kitchen is to choose the right items for the space.

Wood carvings

The art of wood carving has a long history in the Indian subcontinent. It’s believed to have begun as a temple craft. Whether you’re interested in putting a touch of tradition into your kitchen or just like the idea of adding some style, you may be surprised at the variety of options you can have.

Some of the most popular types of wood carvings in south India include those made of sandalwood. These are available in many vibrant colors. They are often carved to portray Hindu deities.

Another type of wood that is used for wood carving in South India is rosewood. This wood is incredibly scented and has a long life. It is also used for carved animals.

Elephants are among the most popular types of carved wooden items. They are a unique type of woodwork that is widely admired. Elephants are typically carved from different types of wood, including sandalwood. You can find various types of carved elephants in India.

Other wood types popular for wood carving include kumbli and cedar. Kumble wood is perfect for sculpting female figures.

Wooden toys are another popular form of south Indian woodwork. There are many different styles of wood toys. Each has its characteristics. A lot of them are made from sawdust and tamarind seed powder. They are usually packaged and distributed in India and abroad.

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Religious centers in the South of India produce woodcarvings used to decorate sacred altars and temples. One of the most famous places for such carving is the temple at Somnath.

Churches in the South of India are also known for their woodcarvings. These are particularly popular in the region of Kerala.

Brass decor

If you are looking for traditional-style decor for your kitchen, brass may be your ticket. It has been around for decades and has been a popular choice for cooking enthusiasts.

Brass utensils are a staple in Indian homes. These are made from a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. They are durable and offer a variety of benefits. Some of them include weight loss and ayurvedic compounds.

Lamps are another great decor item. They offer several advantages, including the ability to create a royal effect. The suitable lamp can also serve as a functional piece of art. You can use a ‘nilavilakku’ lamp, a tall brass lamp, in your kitchen to provide a nice glow.

One of the most popular items for home decor in the South is the ancient bell metal uruli. This decorative piece has been a part of the interior design of south Indian homes for ages.

Ulis, a tray filled with lucky bamboo, cherry blossoms, or moss, can be used for many functions. For example, they can serve as an organizer or a place to rest your feet while you prepare your next meal.

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Another classic item for home decor is a spice container. This is a large, solid brass vessel with a beautiful design. A few compartments are carved into the design for easy access. Several different kinds of dough atta can be stored inside.

Traditionally, South Indian families also use lamps. Lighting a suitable lamp in the kitchen can be a fun and entertaining way to spend a night with the family.

Besides lamps, you can add several other accessories to your kitchen to make it more appealing. Here are a few examples:

‘Kolam’ is a symmetrical geometric line drawing commonly used in South Indian homes. These are simple to install, resulting in a gorgeous piece of art.


If you’re a fan of South Indian cuisine, you’ll need the proper utensils to prepare the perfect meal. Luckily, you can buy some things! Here are some of the essential knives for making Indian food!

One of the most ancient kitchen tools, the rice stamper, is still used by many households in India. It’s a sturdy wooden tool designed to remove the husk from cereals. In addition to its practical purpose, the wood enhances the flavor of the food it comes into contact with.

The coconut scraper is a handy kitchen appliance. You can either use it for manual use or have it mechanically operated. Both options grate the insides of the coconut without shelling the contents.

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A dabba is an essential utensil in the south Indian kitchen. These contain several small bowls for storing the spices you’ll need for your recipes. This saves you a lot of space. They usually have small spoons on the side for scooping.

Soapstone Pots are great for cooking, as they are easy to clean. You can use them to make rasam, soup, and even boiling milk. However, they should be cleaned with something other than citrus-based reliable cleaners. Instead, use mild soap and dishwashing liquid.

Another traditional South Indian utensil is the bamboo murram. This vessel is made of bamboo and is traditionally used for cooking. Although it’s often made of wood, it’s also available in brass and steel.

Louis is another essential utensil in south Indian cuisine. They come in various shapes and sizes and help prepare almost all significant items in a traditional feast. Each rule has a lid and airtight lining to keep your food fresh.

Storage ideas

When it comes to a South Indian kitchen, you should consider a few simple storage ideas. For example, you can keep your appliances and utensils off your counter. Alternatively, you can place them on pull-out shelves below your counter. You can also use air vents in your woodwork to keep your most frequently used items handy.

One of the essential pieces of equipment in your kitchen is your refrigerator. It can help store a variety of food, as well as other important items, such as condiments and spices. There are several storage options for your refrigerator, including bins and magnetic or suction racks. If you are looking for the best storage option, the most effective solution is to build a system with built-in tracks and movable holders. This way, you can organize your food and other items most efficiently.

Wall shelves can be another convenient storage solution for your South Indian kitchen. These can be mounted on the wall and hold a variety of utensils and equipment, such as containers of sugar or tea. Other appliances can also be stored on shelves, including a toaster, an idli-dosa grinder, or even a sandwich maker.

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