How Much Time Do You Spend in the Kitchen Indian?

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Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned cook, you may ask yourself, how much time do I spend in the kitchen, Indian? If you’re beginning, there’s no question that you’ll need to put in a lot of time to learn the tricks of the trade. And as an experienced chef, you’ll want to have a plan and a set of recipes. But don’t worry, you’ll soon discover that the time you spend in the kitchen is all worth it!


A GfK survey reveals that Indians spend the most time cooking. The study included a variety of countries, including China, South Korea, and Australia.

In India, the average person spends thirteen hours a week in the kitchen. That’s a lot of time, and it’s not just a matter of eating. Men spend five hours in the kitchen, while women spend more than seven and a half.

For the sake of comparison, American consumers spend only about six and a half hours per week in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Australians spend about 6.1 hours. Those in Ukraine and Brazil register more than six hours a week.

It’s no secret that people across the globe love to cook. A GfK study found that people in 22 countries spent about the same time cooking. However, not all of these hours were finished cooking. One-third of Americans dine at a quick-service restaurant weekly.

Overall, the global average is 6.5 hours a week in the kitchen. That’s the correct number. The GfK study focuses on cooking services and products. This study includes 27,000 people from twenty-two countries. Among those, 27% of respondents have excellent knowledge about food. Despite this, only one-third of all people worldwide have the best way to cook.

Finally, the GfK survey also measured how much passion you might have for food. Specifically, the most exciting thing about cooking is the amount of fun you get out of it. As such, it found that women enjoy spending most of their time in the kitchen. They even donate food to their families and friends.

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The Gfk study reveals that consumers worldwide spend an average of 6.5 hours a week cooking. This includes both women and men. A third of people globally have excellent culinary skills.

The survey reveals that Indonesia has the highest culinary activity spending, followed by South Africa and Italy. In Italy, women spend more than seven and a half hours a week preparing dishes. However, this is a small percentage of the overall cooking time.

The study also revealed that the time consumers spend in the kitchen varies greatly. Males in the United States and Australia spend five to six hours a week, while Indians, known for their cuisine, spend thirteen and a half hours a week putting together meals. On the other hand, South Koreans spend the least amount of time in the kitchen.

In Indonesia, 40 percent of the population claims to be passionate about cooking. The country is in the top five for culinary activity spending, with 38 percent. Men in Indonesia spend four hours a week preparing food, and women spend nine.

There are many factors to consider when deciding how much time to spend in the kitchen. It is best to set a goal and follow some simple tips to ensure you’re efficient with your time. One of the most important tips is to know how long the food takes to cook. Also, make sure to get ingredients at the same time and to start longer dishes first. It would help if you always have time to finish a meal, or you might burn your container.

When traveling, use your local currency, and remember to tip. Suppose you’re in a hotel, and the tip is based on the service you received. Similarly, you may want to tip bartenders or other restaurant staff.


A study by German market research firm Gfk showed that Indians lead the pack regarding how much time they spend in the kitchen. The study surveyed 27,000 consumers in 22 countries and revealed that average Indians spend around thirteen hours in the kitchen each week, compared to a global average of six and a half hours.

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The study also found that women spend more than a third of their time in the kitchen. However, men are not so fortunate. On the other hand, male consumers spend almost five hours a week in the kitchen.

While the study found that the best food knowledge comes from Italy, the country with the most significant number of chefs, the study also revealed that South Africa leads the way regarding passion for cooking. More than half of people in the country cook for fun at least once a week.

In the kitchen, women spend more time than men in India. According to the study, women spend over seven and a half hours preparing weekly dishes. Although this may seem like a small amount of time, it is still a significant achievement.

The study also showed that women are more likely to have excellent food knowledge than men. About 25 percent of men have a good understanding of how to cook a proper meal, while women surpassed this by two and a half times.

The study found that Italy, South Africa, and Indonesia came at the top regarding the top food knowledge countries. Other countries with excellent knowledge of food include China, Australia, Germany, the United States, and Russia.

South Korea

In a recent survey, the German market research firm GfK asked people worldwide how much time they spend in the kitchen. They found that Italians are the most passionate about food, followed by Indonesians and South Africans.

The GfK survey included people in 22 countries. They were also asked how much they knew about cooking. Thirty-seven percent of men said they were passionate about cooking, while women were less enthusiastic, with 24 percent stating that they were passionate about cooking.

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GfK found that Indians spend the most time cooking. During a week, Indians spend an average of thirteen hours. This is more than the average for Ukraine. On the other hand, South Koreans spend the least time. They spend just four hours a week on culinary activities.

The other two countries that made a list are Australia and Mexico. These countries are known for their food culture and are more relaxed than the other Asia Pacific countries. However, their consumers still spend an average of 6.1 hours a week in the kitchen.

Indonesians spend the most time in the kitchen, an average of 8.3 hours a week. However, their spending is far from Italy. It’s not surprising since they’re the highest-ranked nation in the Asia Pacific market.

The rest of the countries surveyed are just a little behind. People in Turkey spend just five hours a week on culinary activities. Mexicans, for example, spend six hours a week, while Brazilians and Australians spend more than five hours a week.

For all of this, however, it’s clear that there are many different types of cuisine worldwide. Some, like India, reflect cultures, religions, and ingredients.


If you ask the average Indian how much time they spend in the kitchen, you might get a snort of surprise. According to a recent study by German market research firm GfK, consumers spend an estimated 13 hours a week cooking. It’s safe to assume that the measures above consumer demand and appetite for culinary delights.

The study surveyed 27,000 individuals aged 15 and older in 13 countries. This included 22 in the Asia-Pacific region and four in the U.S. (India, China, Japan, and South Korea). As you might expect, the study found that Americans spend less time in the kitchen than their counterparts in India or China. A third of all American consumers dine at quick service restaurants every week, while only one in five Indians do the same.

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While the survey did not make a sweeping generalization of time spent cooking, there was a clear preference for the culinary arts in India, especially among women. For instance, the average Indian female spent about five hours daily in the kitchen. However, her time is dwarfed by the male demographic, which spends approximately seven hours in the kitchen.

A flurry of high-tech gadgets, including a bevy of electric food preparation appliances, boosts demand in the nation’s kitchens. Other notable mentions include increasing households with more than two cooks, a slew of celebrity chefs, and a growing number of culinary enthusiasts. Although the GfK survey did not eliminate the amount spent on kitchen gadgets, it found that the top-of-the-line items are worth roughly a quarter of a million dollars in India.

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